Does Health Insurance Cover Egg Freezing

Egg freezing can be costly, typically ranging from $10,000 to $20,000, plus storage fees.

We offer affordable and even free options, like our Split program, but if you don’t qualify, our Keep program provides discounts.

Check your health insurance for coverage. As of June 2022, only 20 US states require infertility coverage.

Health insurance for egg freezing
Does health insurance cover egg freezing: Photo source (Insuranks)

Large employers rarely cover proactive egg freezing, with just 19% offering it.

If your state or employer doesn’t cover it, understand your health insurance policy regarding egg freezing.

Your health insurance may cover some costs

Egg freezing, known as vitrification, involves various steps.

Insurance may cover some, like consultations, blood tests, and lab work.

Medications are often prescribed to manage ovulation.

The retrieval is an outpatient procedure under anesthesia.

Storage fees depend on the facility used, either on-site or by a third party.

Questions to ask your insurer

To get the best picture of what your insurance covers when you freeze your eggs you should call your benefit hotline to ask a few key coverage questions like:

  • Are all of my medical consultations covered, especially if I meet with a few different facilities before choosing one?
  • Do I have to have a diagnosis or preexisting condition to have any portion of freezing my eggs covered?
  • How does the coverage for freezing my eggs factor into my lifetime limit for fertility treatment?
  • Does my coverage change depending on whether the retrieval was successful?
  • Will you cover any of the ongoing costs of freezing my eggs (like storage) and is there a time limit on how long that coverage lasts?
  • What are my coverage options if I decide to use my eggs later on?

Making freezing your eggs more affordable

With our Split program, you can freeze eggs for free by donating half to families in need.

This helps LGBTQ+ parents, couples with infertility, or those with fertility-related medical conditions.

If you want to keep all your eggs, our Keep program offers affordable options when insurance doesn’t cover the full cost, potentially including reduced medication and storage fees, as well as consultation discounts based on your location.


Egg freezing is often expensive, but we’re thrilled to make it more accessible.

Our goal is to support reproductive choice for women and assist intended parents in completing their families through egg donation.

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