Does Health Insurance Cover Gastric Balloon

When an individual aims to shed weight, whether for health or aesthetic motives, the initial step involves scheduling a consultation with two interrelated specialists.

These experts collaborate to guide the patient towards their predetermined objectives.

Without these professionals’ involvement, the weight loss journey may remain incomplete, or the desired outcomes might not be achieved in a wholesome manner.

Specifically, we are highlighting the significance of nutrition and endocrinology, pivotal branches of medicine essential for implementing weight loss treatments in a monitored and healthy manner.

Does health insurance cover gastric balloon
Does health insurance cover gastric balloon: Photo source (Healthgrades)

Approval for treatments like gastric balloon insertion for weight loss depends on the chosen insurance company and plan, considering coverage and extent.

Some insurers cover it, while others focus on specialties like endocrinology or digestive system specialists.

Non-surgical interventions often require a specialist’s prescription and adherence to a waiting period.

Certain insurers extend options to affiliated clinics at special rates.

For example, Mapfre’s Health policy in Spain offers favorable conditions, including the intragastric balloon.

When choosing health insurance, assess details and gather information beforehand.

Notably, Social Security typically doesn’t cover the gastric balloon procedure unless linked to associated pathologies, not for aesthetic reasons.

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What is the gastric balloon and how is it placed?

The gastric balloon, a non-surgical and anesthesia-free procedure, involves inserting a silicone balloon into the stomach through endoscopy, filled with liquid to occupy 30-40% of the stomach space.

This, along with a healthy diet, aids in achieving weight loss goals and overall health improvement.

After achieving objectives, endoscopy removes the balloon.

As obesity rates increase, experts suggest using the gastric balloon in cases where diet and exercise alone prove insufficient, particularly for individuals with markedly elevated mass and body fat indices or associated health conditions.

Benefits of the gastric balloon for weight loss

Benefits of the gastric balloon for weight loss include:

  • Non-surgical intervention through endoscopy, making it minimally invasive with same-day discharge in many cases.
  • Mild side effects like vomiting and nausea during the initial days, normalizing as the stomach adjusts to permanent satiety.
  • Improved eating habits and a healthier lifestyle for the patient.
  • Gradual weight loss enhances motivation and boosts self-esteem.
  • Opportunity for the patient to engage in previously hindered activities.
  • Slow and steady process to avoid sudden mood swings, with medical and psychological support making it worthwhile.

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