How To Cancel Oscar Health Insurance: Step By Step Guide

To cancel Oscar health insurance, contact customer service to request cancellation.

They’ll assist with paperwork and stopping automatic payments.

Be aware of potential cancellation fees.

What is Oscar Health Insurance?

Oscar, founded in 2012 and based in NYC, provides health plans for individuals/families.

They offer HMOs, PPOs, POS plans, plus prescription drug, dental, and vision coverage.

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Buy via website or broker. To cancel, call customer service or send written notice to policy address.

Why Would You Cancel?

People cancel Oscar Health Insurance for various reasons: changing needs, finding a better plan, or financial constraints.

How to Cancel

If you want to cancel your Oscar health coverage plan, you can choose from a few options. You can cancel by calling customer service, by going online, or by mailing in a request.

For canceling over the phone, dial 1-855-672-2796. To cancel online, log in to your account and click the “Cancel Plan” button.

If you opt for canceling by mail, write a request to: Oscar Member Services, One Park Avenue, New York, NY 10016. Include your full name, date of birth, member ID number, and state the reason for cancellation.

What Happens After You Cancel?

If you cancel your policy within the first 30 days, the company will provide a full refund of any premiums you’ve paid.

If you cancel after the 30-day grace period, you won’t receive a refund for any unused premium.

You might also have to handle any unpaid claims or providers’ fees that arose before your cancellation.

Remember, your coverage ends immediately upon policy cancellation, so ensure you have alternative coverage in place beforehand.

Pros and Cons of Cancelling

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Considering cancelling Oscar health insurance? Understand the pros and cons.

Pros: Save on premiums, easy switch to preferred company, big savings if coverage not needed anymore (e.g., Medicare eligibility).

Cons: Potential re-enrollment penalty, loss of claims/benefits, risk of being vulnerable without insurance safety net for unexpected events.

Evaluate pros and cons based on your situation before deciding.

How to Avoid Cancelling

Considering cancelling Oscar health insurance? Whether due to non-use, provider change, or dissatisfaction, cancel correctly to avoid penalties.

In the first year, early cancellation might lead to a fee (about one month’s premium, varies by state/plan). Clear any balances before canceling.

Beyond the first year, cancel anytime penalty-free. Clear any balances owed.

To cancel, call 1-855-672-2720 for assistance.


To cancel Oscar health insurance, directly contact the company online or by phone.

Provide policy details and desired end date.

After processing, you’ll get a confirmation letter with cancellation date.

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