Is Health Shield Insurance Legit? A Complete Review Of Its Legitimacy

Selecting health coverage holds significant importance for both you and your family.

Yet, the abundance of choices and intricate terminology can be daunting to navigate.

To ease this process and identify the optimal coverage, many people turn to online brokers such as Health Shield Insurance for assistance.

This article intends to examine the authenticity of Health Shield Insurance, delve into its operations, and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages.

Exploring the legitimacy of health shield insurance
Exploring the legitimacy of health shield insurance company: Image source (Canva)

Company Overview

Founded in 2016 under the leadership of CEO James Lee, Health Shield company functions as an online brokerage for health coverage.

Rather than offering health insurance directly, the platform operates as a comparison site, linking users to a range of insurers and plans.

Health Shield healthcare coverage is licensed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

They partner with over 50 health insurance companies, including industry giants like Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, UnitedHealthcare, and Kaiser Permanente.

Company Contacts

Phone Number (800) 491-6578
Address 123 Main Street, Suite 100, New York, NY 10001
Customer Service Contact
Policy Details Contact
Email Address
Fax Number (800) 765-4321
Operating Hours Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm EST

How Health Shield Insurance Operates

To utilize Health Shield Insurance, users need to furnish basic information such as age, gender, location, income, current health conditions, and preferred healthcare providers.

Additionally, users can specify budget constraints and desired coverage types.

You tell the website about you and what you want from health insurance.

The website shows you different plans that fit what you want.

You can see what each plan offers and how much it costs.

Notably, you can use tools to help you know how much you will spend on health care and medicine.

You can sign up for the plan you like on the website or by calling them.

The website will do the work for you and talk to the insurance company. They will send you an email when you are done.

You can see your account and plan online and call them if you have any questions or problems.

Pros and Cons of Health Shield Insurance

  • Diverse Coverage Choices: Health Shield Insurance presents an extensive array of health insurance plans from various providers, granting users enhanced flexibility.
  • Efficiency in Time and Effort: The platform simplifies the research and comparison process, furnishing users with concise and clear information, thereby saving time and effort.
  • Cost-Effective and High-Quality Plans: Health Shield Insurance assists in discovering health insurance plans that are both affordable and of high quality, customized to individual needs and preferences.
  • Resourceful Tools: The platform offers tools and resources to facilitate understanding and management of health insurance and healthcare costs.
  • Customer Support: Health Shield features a friendly and knowledgeable customer service team, ready to address any questions or concerns.
  • Coverage Limitations: Health Shield coverage may not include all available health insurance plans, potentially overlooking options not associated with the platform.
  • Information Reliability: The platform’s details on certain plans may lack the most up-to-date or accurate information, relying on data provided by insurers that can change frequently.
  • Potential Favoritism: Health Shield healthcare coverage might show bias toward plans or companies offering higher commissions or having better relationships with the platform.
  • Assistance Constraints: The platform may not be adept at handling specific or complex health insurance situations, such as Medicare, Medicaid, or employer-sponsored plans.

Is Health Shield Insurance Reliable?

Is Health Shield insurance legit
To use Health Shield coverage policy, provide essential details like age, gender, location, income, current health status, and preferred healthcare providers: Photo source (Healthline)

Health Shield, a licensed online broker, securely compares and enrolls in health insurance plans without selling your personal information.

While it’s essential to conduct personal research, verifying plan details is crucial before commitment.

Evaluate both pros and cons based on your needs before using Health Shield healthcare coverage.

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How can I get in touch with Health Shield Healthcare Coverage?

You can contact Health Shield Healthcare coverage through phone, email, or mail.

The contact details are as follows:

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