Is health insurance legit? A Look At Its Legitimacy, a company specializing in health insurance administration services, functions in accordance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Their emphasis is on providing tailored and efficient avenues for accessing high-quality healthcare, with a focus on promoting improved health outcomes for employed individuals in the United States.

Is health insurance legit operates under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), offering ICHRA administration for compliant healthcare benefits through a modern enrollment platform. With SureCo, enjoy transparency, fewer surprises, and personalized access to quality healthcare: Photo source (eHealth)

About Health Insurance

Founded in 2016, specializes in Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangements (ICHRAs).

This innovative approach allows employers to offer employees tax-free reimbursements for individual health plans chosen from a marketplace of over 5,000 options.

Who are the owners of Health Insurance? 

According to information found online, Health Insurance is led by a team consisting of Matthew Kim as the CEO, Matt Christopherson as a co-founder, and Marc Bablot as the founding board member.

Since 2009, they have been working together to address the rising healthcare costs.

For more information about their career backgrounds and accomplishments, you can visit the official website of the company.

Contact information of Health Insurance

Phone Number Email Headquarters Austin, TX
(866) 235-5515 201 E. Sandpointe Ave, Ste. 600 Santa Ana, CA 92707 1501 S MoPac Expressway, Ste. 100 Austin, TX 78746 Health Insurance Regulatory Compliance prioritizes regulatory compliance, underscoring its commitment to upholding industry standards and fostering a healthcare insurance environment that is both transparent and trustworthy.

Here is a compilation demonstrating the insurance’s adherence, affirming its legitimacy:

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Alignment Health Insurance operates within the regulatory framework established by the Affordable Care Act (ACA).


The company holds the necessary licenses required for its health insurance operations, demonstrating a commitment to legal and ethical business practices.

Accreditations by Relevant Authorities is accredited by relevant authorities, signifying adherence to industry standards and regulatory guidelines.

Commitment to Compliance

The company’s active participation in the regulatory landscape reflects its commitment to compliance with established norms and regulations.

Responsibility and Trustworthiness’s regulatory compliance contributes to its reputation as a responsible and trustworthy health insurance provider.

Alignment with ACA Goals

By conforming to the ACA, contributes to the overarching goals of healthcare reform, focusing on accessibility, affordability, and quality of healthcare services.

Tangible Evidence of Compliance

The acquired licensure and accreditation serve as tangible evidence of’s adherence to regulatory stipulations.

Safeguarding Policyholder Interests

Regulatory compliance ensures that health insurance offerings are under established norms, safeguarding the interests of policyholders.

Approach to Transparency’s proactive approach to regulatory adherence reflects its commitment to transparency and accountability.

Benchmark for Ethical Practices

The company’s commitment to regulatory compliance sets a benchmark for responsible and ethical practices within the health insurance industry. Health Insurance Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Online reviews paint a mixed picture.

While some customers praise’s personalized service and cost savings, others express dissatisfaction with claim processing delays and customer service issues. Health Insurance Financial Stability Health Insurance has exhibited remarkable growth and established significant partnerships with major insurers, indicating a strong financial standing despite limited financial information.

The company’s expansion is a testament to efficient management and a dedicated focus on addressing client requirements, instilling confidence in its financial stability.’s collaborations with reputable insurers not only bolster its credibility but also imply financial robustness.

Although detailed financial reports are not accessible, the evident indicators strongly imply the stability of, providing reassurance to both customers and industry stakeholders. Health Insurance Claims Processing and Customer Service

Concerns from Customers: Claims Processing and Customer Service

  1. Claims Processing Efficiency: Customers have consistently expressed concerns about delays in the claims processing system of Health Insurance. The perceived sluggishness raises questions about the company’s internal processes and their overall efficiency.
  2. Customer Service Responsiveness: A recurring theme in customer feedback is the unresponsiveness of’s customer service. The reported lack of responsiveness prompts broader questions about the company’s dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction.
  3. Importance of Timely Claims Processing: Timely claims processing is crucial for policyholders seeking prompt reimbursement for medical expenses. Customer feedback emphasizes the need for to improve and streamline its claims processing system.
  4. Enhancing Customer Service Protocols: Responsive and supportive customer service is essential for addressing queries and concerns. Customer reviews suggest areas for improvement in’s customer service protocols to meet client expectations.
  5. Opportunities for Improvement: has the opportunity to acknowledge and address the raised concerns. Proactive measures, such as internal process evaluations, technology upgrades, and staff training, could enhance responsiveness and efficiency.
  6. Shaping Provider Perception: Addressing customer concerns is crucial for shaping the perception of an insurance provider. By actively working to resolve issues related to claims processing and customer service, can build trust and solidify its commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare coverage. Health Insurance Fraud And Scam Alerts

Absence of Credible Fraud Reports

No credible reports of fraudulent activities are associated with, affirming its reliability.

Maintaining Vigilance

Even with a spotless track record, users must maintain vigilance when engaging with any online service.

Legitimacy Confidence

The absence of documented fraud cases involving fosters confidence in its legitimacy.

Exercise Due Caution

Users are encouraged to exercise due caution, regularly update passwords, and safeguard sensitive information.

Stay Abreast of Scams

Staying informed about common online scams enhances users’ ability to identify and steer clear of potential threats.

Proactive Security Measures

Users can bolster their online security by verifying communications and taking preventive steps against phishing attempts.

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what are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Health Insurance? 


  • Access to a vast marketplace of health plans
  • Personalized coverage options
  • Potential cost savings for employers and employees
  • Tax-free reimbursements


  • Mixed customer reviews regarding claim processing and customer service
  • Limited financial transparency


Is in compliance with the ACA?

Certainly, adheres to the guidelines of the ACA.

What categories of health plans are available through offers a diverse range of individual health plans, encompassing PPOs, HMOs, and EPOs, with options from over 140 carriers.

What is the approach to claims processing at collaborates with a third-party administrator for handling claims. Nevertheless, customer feedback highlights apprehensions about processing delays and responsiveness.

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