Is SureMed Health Insurance Legit? Exploring Its Pros And Cons

SureMed, an innovative health benefits provider, strives to improve your well-being by going beyond traditional health insurance plans.

Their approach involves offering Health Maintenance training along with a range of Discount Medical Benefits and Services, enabling you to maintain comprehensive coverage while minimizing expenses.

The positive trust score on signifies its legitimacy and safety. Nonetheless, when making health-related decisions, it’s advisable to conduct thorough research and verify details directly with SureMed or other reputable sources.

Stay vigilant and well-informed when assessing health insurance options. For specific concerns or inquiries, reaching out to SureMed directly for clarification is recommended.

Is Suremed health insurance legit
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What is SureMed Health Insurance?

SureMed Health Insurance operates as a medical discount plan rather than a traditional health insurance policy.

Instead of covering medical expenses, it offers discounts on a variety of healthcare services and products, including doctor visits, prescriptions, dental care, vision care, hearing aids, and more.

Managed by SureMed, a company affiliated with the EverQuote network, this alternative healthcare solution requires consumers to pay a monthly fee, ranging from $19.95 to $49.95, depending on the selected coverage level. Additionally, there is a one-time enrollment fee of $30.

Upon enrollment, participants get a membership card they can show to participating providers, enabling them to avail discounted rates for their healthcare needs.

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What are the Benefits of Using SureMed Health Insurance?

SureMed Health Insurance claims to deliver multiple advantages to individuals seeking cost-effective healthcare options:

  1. Cost Savings: SureMed Healthcare guarantees discounts of up to 85% on a variety of healthcare services and products, presenting an opportunity for consumers to significantly reduce their medical expenses. As an illustration, a $150 doctor visit could be slashed to $45 with SureMed Health Insurance.
  2. Flexibility: The insurance plan imposes no restrictions based on pre-existing conditions, age, income, or health status. Individuals are free to enroll and utilize the plan as frequently as needed, with no limitations on the number of providers or services within the SureMed Health Insurance network.
  3. Extensive Provider Network: SureMed collaborates with over 1.5 million healthcare providers nationwide, encompassing doctors, dentists, pharmacies, hospitals, and more. Consumers have the freedom to choose any provider within the SureMed Health Insurance network for their healthcare needs.

What are the Drawbacks of Using SureMed Health Insurance?

SureMed Health Insurance has drawbacks:

  1. Not a health insurance policy; only offers discounts, not coverage for medical expenses.
  2. Limited customer service and support, causing problems in plan cancellation, refunds, billing error resolution, and finding participating providers.
  3. Vulnerable to scams and fraud, including misleading consumers, unauthorized fees, and failure to deliver promised discounts.


SureMed Healthcare is a medical discount plan for affordable healthcare services and products.

Not a health insurance policy, it doesn’t cover medical expenses.

Use with caution, compare with other health care options before choosing.

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